Technical Support

Discover a professional IT support service that is designed to suit your organisation’s requirements.


Our service, your needs

IT Services is the core of all organisation's today. How we do business might be different but T4 Technology works with you to plan a tailored IT technical support service that works for you. From Medical Practices and Dental Surgery's to Government Schools and Not for Profits. Find out more how we can help.

Business IT Support

T4 Technology is a highly experienced Server Support Provider. With over 13 years supporting WA's regional Medical Center's, local Small to Medium sized businesses, there is no setup we can't support

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Workshop Repairs

With a dedicated workshop in all locations, we can repair all Windows or Apple computers. From simple repairs to complex rebuilds.

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Apple Service

As an authorised service agent, we can service all of your Apple devices. iPhone's , iPad's , iPod's and Mac's.

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Education Support

We are an authorised Department of Education integrator. Anything from selling and integrating iPad's into your school through to supporting your SoE4 or EDNET School, T4 Technology can help

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Warranty or Out of Warranty Repairs

Need help with your Mac? No problems!
We provide on-site and in-store Mac repair services for your MacBook, Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro.


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